User Research, Interface Design, Branding
Project Overview
iSurance has been in the insurance business for over 30 years. They have been working through regional agents, selling the policies to them instead of directly to customers. They have 350+ separate offerings and sell prepared packages. The company provides all types of insurance for individuals: property, motor, liability, marine, aviation, life, health, and protection.

With the rise of the internet and personal devices, iSurance has been losing ground by only selling business to business. They know young people are more digital than ever and they want to tap into that market. The company would like to solve the issue by selling their policies using a responsive
e-commerce website directly to consumers.


Competitive Analysis
Creating a Persona

Information Architecture

Card Sorting
Site Map

Interaction Design

User Flow
Task Flow

UI Design

Mood Board
Brand Logo
Brand Style
UI Kit
Responsive Design

Iteration and Implemenation

High Fidelity Prototype
Usability Testing
Affinity Map

Research Objectives

Determine and understand the demographic.
Understand how customers choose insurance.
Understand the process of what motivates people to purchase insurance.
Learn how competitors offer insurance coverage.
Learn competitor price points and coverage.

Information Architecture

Site Map

Interaction Design

Task flow to get a quote and purchase insurance


High fidelity prototype and usability testing


- Test the task flow to get an 'Auto Quote'
- Determine usability of iSurance homepage
- Observe any areas of confusion while using the prototype


- Identify pain points that can be improved upon
- Eliminate any steps that might be unnecessary